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The two guys in this picture are probably about one case of beer into their DIY project. Anyone looking at this can see it’s a disaster waiting to happen. What WERE they thinking?

Too often people’s finances are disasters waiting to happen. It’s just that the likely outcome isn’t as obvious as with these two would-be carpenters. As we enter the home stretch of the holiday season 2016, please use a little common sense and restraint when it comes to your finance. Keep the following in mind.

  • Interest never takes a holiday or a day off. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Against you.
  • Eventually the credit cards will have to be paid.
  • One of the biggest causes of divorce is money, primarily disagreement over where it comes from and how to use it. Give your family the greatest gift you can: a stable home.
  • You absolutely can survive without the latest gadget, clothes or car.
  • Rainy days come to everyone sometime. Have a little put away for your rainy day.
  • There is always a way out of a financial mess. It might not be pleasant or painless, but there is always a way.

Here’s wishing you a great holiday season.

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