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whitney-beallThis has nothing to do with bankruptcy. It does have to do with the law and stupidity.

Whitney Beall, 24, of Lakeland, Florida, recently got drunk and tried to drive home. Sadly, there’s nothing newsworthy about that. But Beall thought it would be a good idea to post live video to social media of herself trying to negotiate the streets of Lakeland. Describing herself as “drunk beyond belief” she streamed video even as her 2015 Toyota Corolla struck a curb and flattened a tire. It was in this sorry condition that local police found her after her friends called police regarding the on-going escapade. With the help of landmarks in the background of the video she was eventually located.

The judge called her actions a “public flaunting [of] her disregard for the safety of the community” and sentenced her to an enhanced sentence that included 10 days of weekend work release and 150 hours of community service in addition to the standard DUI sentence for first offenders of six month loss of driving privileges, $1,000 fine, and having her car impounded for 10 days (with accompanying impound fees).

We all know we shouldn’t drink and drive. Gradually we’re learning not to use social media and drive. Apparently, for Ms. Beall, the lesson about not drinking, using social media and driving was covered in a course she didn’t take. I’ve said it many times: the words “smart” and “criminal” are never used together.

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