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Pemmican is a Native American food that was originally made from suet (animal fat), powdered jerky, nuts, dried berries and whatever else they felt like throwing in. It is close to an ideal food for high exertion. The jerky provides protein, the berries and nuts give carbohydrates and the fat, well it gives fat. In cold weather fat burns hot to keep you warm.

Nowadays most people would turn up their noses at anything that had fat as its main ingredient. There are lots of recipes for modern pemmican on the Internet. Some, like this, are more for food storage. Here is a more traditional recipe using suet as the binding ingredient.

Today’s Friday Fun recipe is an easy one using peanut butter and honey. It’s great as a summer snack and to take on outings like hiking or camping. It doesn’t require refrigeration and who doesn’t like peanut butter and honey?


Combine peanut butter and honey in a 2:1 ratio, two parts peanut butter to one part honey. I used 3 cups of peanut butter and 1 1/2 cups of honey. That made the 9″ x 9″ pan of pemmican shown. I also used chunky peanut butter. Heat peanut butter and honey over low heat to make the mixture softer so everything mixes together well. Add chopped jerky (I wouldn’t powder it like the Native Americans), seeds, raisins or other dried fruit, or whatever you want. Mix well and pour into a 9″ x 9″ baking pan. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes. This makes it easier to cut. Cut into bars and wrap in wax paper. Package the bars in Ziploc bags. Although the pemmican doesn’t have to be refrigerated, keeping it cool makes it easier to eat.

Homemade pemmican is a very inexpensive alternative to pricey energy and granola bars. Peanut butter provides fats and carbohydrates and the honey is a source of quick energy. Other ingredients like jerky and nuts provide protein.

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