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Whether someone files a full or skeleton bankruptcy, she must file the List of Creditors, also known as the matrix, within two days of filing the petition. The matrix is a list of all creditors and their addresses to whom the debtor owes money, or who claim the debtor owes money. As with everything else in bankruptcy, the matrix must follow a certain format. Today we’ll talk about how to prepare and file the matrix.

File Type
The matrix must be submitted as a “.txt” document, not a Word or WordPerfect or some other form. It can be created in Word or WordPerfect as any type but must be saved as a .txt document. If the debtor creates the matrix in the Windows program “Notepad”, it will be created as a .txt document by default.

Text Type
The text must be easily readable by optical scanning devices. This is because the matrix is scanned and used to create notices to creditors. Courier, Times New Roman or Sans Serif fonts are acceptable. The font size must be 10 or 12-point.

Page Layout
At the top of the page, type the case number. This number is a 7-digit number assigned when the case is filed. The first two digits are the year of filing. These are followed by a hyphen followed by a five-digit number. For example: 20-54321. Follow the case number with at least one blank line.
The matrix must be typed in a single column, left justified, with one-inch margins on the top, left and bottom of the page. The creditors must be listed separately, single spaced, with at least one blank line between each creditor. Creditors’ names and address may not be more than four lines of not more than 40 characters per line. Use the standard two-letter abbreviation for states, e.g., UT for Utah, ID for Idaho, etc. ZIP codes go on the same line as the city and state.
If there are more creditors than will fit on a single page, complete additional pages using the same format. Do not split a creditor between two pages.

Creditors Only
Only creditors are listed on the matrix. Do not include account numbers.
The debtor’s address is not listed unless the debtor has a separate mailing address from her residence. In that case, the debtor is listed just like a creditor. If there are joint debtors, they are not listed unless their mailing address is different from their listed residence address, even if they are living apart.

Submitting the Matrix
The Bankruptcy Clerk prefers that matrices be emailed as an attachment. When emailing, address the email to In the subject line, type the case number. Attach the matrix as a .txt file and send.

This is an example of how a matrix might look.


First City National Bank of Beaumont
P.O. Box 3391
Beaumont, TX 77704

Flex Northwest
Attn: Willard Richards
1540 NW 46th Street
Seattle, WA 91984

General Welding Supply Co.
P.O. Box 3517
Baltimore, MD 20984

Tremonton Feed and Grain
State Route 89
Tremonton, UT 84756

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