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legal-fees-300x163When you’re considering filing bankruptcy, price is not the only consideration. What should you look for in hiring an attorney? Here are several considerations:

  1. When you call the office do you speak with the attorney or a paralegal or receptionist?
  2. Does the attorney return your call within 24 hours (preferably within 4 hours)?
  3. What does the fee include? Are there things that are common to most bankruptcies that are not included in the fee? Will the attorney tell you what is included and what is common?
  4. How long has the attorney been practicing bankruptcy law?
  5. Have you looked at the attorney’s website? Does it look professional to you?
  6. Is the attorney willing to explain your options fully to you, including alternatives to bankruptcy?
  7. Do you feel comfortable with the attorney?

As you can see, price isn’t on the list. The lowest cost doesn’t mean you have the best attorney. Filing bankruptcy isn’t like buying gas for your car; unlike gasoline, not all attorneys are the same.

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