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Toys R Us is in bankruptcy, in case you missed that. Like a lot of retailers, Toys R Us has felt the squeeze of changing consumer habits and online shopping. Toys R Us filed Chapter 11 in an attempt to restructure its operations and stay open.

Support from Toys R Us is coming from an unlikely source: a nine year old boy named Andrew, who wrote a letter to the bankruptcy judge who is overseeing the bankruptcy. In his handwritten letter, which you can read here, Andrew lays out three reasons to keep Toys R Us operating.

  1.  Kids like that there is a store just for them.
  2. Kids would rather be promised a trip to Toys R Us than to any other store.
  3. Kids can run through the aisles at Toys R Us and find stuff they like, but in any other store there won’t just be toys. Kids might not have a device to see online stores or, it’s easier to browse in a real store than online.

Andrew doesn’t say whether he conducted any market research to support his conclusions, but I’m pretty sure he speaks for the majority of kids his age.

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