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Bankruptcy law, especially the consumer variety, is notoriously dull and uninteresting to all but the lawyers and judges to practice in that area. It certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of work that would cause someone to take out a contract for a hit on a bankruptcy lawyer.

But that’s what police in Salt Lake County are alleging happened to Duane H. Gillman, a long-time Salt Lake bankruptcy practitioner and bankruptcy trustee. According to a story that appeared on on Monday, Mr. Gillman’s ex-wife, Linda Tracy Gillman, was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation for allegedly trying to arrange with a man to have Duane Gillman killed. The man was to use a third-party “contractor” to carry out the hit. According to charging documents filed in Third District Court, Mrs. Gillman paid the man $5,000 and promised $100,000 more when she collected on insurance policies on Mr. Gillman. The subcontractor was to receive $18,000. A few weeks after the initial arrangement, Mrs. Gillman allegedly offered to pay the subcontract an additional $10,000 if he would also kill Mr. Gillman’s current wife and gave him her diamond ring as a further down payment.

“Gillman states she will pay the subcontractor $18,000 in cash in addition to the diamond ring for the murders of Mr. Gillman and (his wife). Gillman stated it would be cleaner and eliminates any witnesses if the subcontractor ‘takes them both out,'” the charges state.

The scheme came to attention of police when the man initially contacted by Mrs. Gillman went to the authorities. Mrs. Gillman is being held on $2 million bail.

It would seem that this arrangement stems from the $2 million insurance policy, not Mr. Gillman’s work as either a bankruptcy attorney or bankruptcy trustee. ¬†Nonetheless, it shows that bankruptcy attorneys don’t lead dull and boring lives.

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