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In an earlier post I talked about rapper 50 Cent. His financial troubles continue.

It seems 50 Cent has a habit of posting pictures of himself next to piles of money online, such as this one that appeared in an article in the New York Daily News. As a result, 50 Cent’s bankruptcy judge has ordered him to appear in court today to explain. As Ricky used to say to Lucy, “you have some ‘splainin’ to do.”

50 Cent’s lawyers replied to the Instagram photos by saying that the rapper has a certain image among his fans that he has to maintain in order to keep selling albums. That lifestyle, apparently, includes rolling in cash. Not surprising since his breakout album was “Get Rich or Die Trying.” There’s nothing wrong with trying to live the American dream but 50 Cent might have violated the three cardinal rules in bankruptcy.

1.  Tell the truth about what assets you own.

2.  Tell the truth about what assets you own.

3.  Tell the truth about what assets you own.

Today he’ll get his chance to see if he can explain to the judge that he told the truth.

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