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The economy is starting to reopen, but for millions of Americans, it’s already too late. If you’ve noticed, much of the news coverage for Covid-19 is focusing on the economic devastation caused by the pandemic. While “bankruptcy” is one of those words no one wants to think about, it’s going to be a reality for a lot of people.

Over the 35+ years I’ve practiced bankruptcy law, I’ve noticed a lot of misconceptions about what bankruptcy is, how it works, whether it’s right for you and, most of all, how do you do it if you have to? Today I’m starting an eight-week series of blog posts to answer those questions.

Three times a week between tomorrow and June 27 I’ll publish a post on the fundamentals of bankruptcy. I’m doing this because knowledge is power. I hope you don’t need this information, but someone you know might. You’ll be able to access my posts from Facebook (@RStevenChambers), Twitter (@RStevenChambers), LinkedIn (, Instagram (@rstevenchamberspllc), Pinterest (@RStevenChambersPLLC/utahbankruptcyfile) or directly from my website right here. Please follow and like!

Just so it isn’t all seriousness, my Instagram account will have pictures spotlighting the sights of Utah in spring. On Fridays, my blog posts will be under the category Friday Fun and will feature anything non-legal, including recipes, activities, and maybe a how-to or two about some fun stuff. Teaser: Watch for my secret jambalaya recipe on Friday May 8, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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