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The mailing list, also called the creditor matrix, is a list of each creditor that you will list in your schedules.  It must be filed with the petition or within two days after filing. The matrix is necessary for the court to give notice to your creditors that a bankruptcy has been filed.

The matrix must be submitted to the clerk of the court in ASCI I Dos (.txt) format and must conform to certain rules.

  1. The case number must be typed at the beginning of the matrix in this format: 17-0000. Your case number will be given to you when you file the petition. The first two digits are the last two digits of the year in which you file. For filings in 2017 the first two digits will be 17.
  2. The matrix must be separated from the list of creditors by one blank line.
  3. Margins of your matrix must be one inch for top, bottom, left and right.
  4. Each creditor must be separated by one blank line
  5. The name and address of each creditor cannot be more than four lines.
  6. Each line may contain no more than forty (40) characters, including spaces
  7. Names and addresses should be left justified on the page
  8. City, state and ZIP code must appear on the last line
  9. There must be a comma after the city name
  10. Do not place your account number in the creditor’s address
  11. If you use a nine-digit ZIP code there must be a hyphen between the first five and the last four digits.

How to create your creditor list.

Step 1.  Create a creditor list in your word processor program (Word, Word Perfect, etc.)

Step 2.  Save your document under whatever name you choose.

Step 3.  Select the “save as” option and save your document with the case number assigned to you, e.g., 17-0000. Click the down arrow to view a dialog box of available file types for saving the document. Select “ASCII (DOS)” or “.txt “format.

Step 4.  Save the document.

Filing the Matrix. The Clerk’s office requires that the matrix be emailed in .txt format so that it can be uploaded.

Step 1.  Compose a new email to the clerk of the court:

Step 2:  In the subject line put your case number, e.g., 17-0000 and nothing else

Step 3.  Attach the matrix in .txt format to the email. You do not need to put anything n the body of the email.

Step 4.  Send the email.

Government addresses. Certain governmental agencies have filed preferred addresses with the Bankruptcy Clerk. Please use these addresses for these creditors:

District Counsel

Small Business Administration

125 South State Street, Room 2227

Salt Lake City, UT 84138


Internal Revenue Service

Centralized Insolvency Operation

P.O. Box 7346

Philadelphia, PA 19101-7346


Salt Lake County Assessor

2001 South State Street, #N2300

P.O. Box 147421

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-7421


Salt Lake County District Attorney

2001 South State Street, S-3600

Salt Lake City, Utah 84190-1210


Salt Lake County Treasurer

2001 South State Street, N-1200

P.O. Box 144575

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4575

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