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My goal is to make the bankruptcy process as easy and painless as possible.  Together we meet that goal in about 99% of the cases. For those cases, the timeline looks a lot like this:

  1.  Initial free consultation. We explain the different types of bankruptcy and discuss which is best for you. We also go over the information packet you need to complete and discuss what documents you need to provide so we can prepare everything.
  2. You return the completed information packet and take the credit counseling course. How long this takes is up to you.
  3. Absent an emergency, it will take about 3-5 business days to complete inputting all the information and preparing a draft of the petition and schedules. We send that via email to you for initial review and comment. We might also ask for more information
  4. Once everything looks good, we’ll have another meeting to go over the final version of the petition and schedules. This takes about an hour and lots of signatures are needed.
  5. We file for you the same day as you sign. Once filed you have protection from your creditors, and you’ll have a case number to give them.
  6. About 10-14 days after filing, you will get a Notice of Bankruptcy, along with all your creditors. This will give the date and time for the meeting of creditors. See our post here about what happens at a meeting of creditors. YOU MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING. If you don’t, your case can and probably will be dismissed.
  7. Between the time of filing and the meeting of creditors we have to get several documents to your bankruptcy trustee. If you haven’t already given us those documents, we’ll bug you for them.
  8. About 30-45 days after filing we attend the meeting of creditors together.
  9. Creditors have 60 days following the meeting of creditors in which to object to your discharge. An objection to discharge is rare and there are certain requirements for objections. In most cases, no such objection will come.
  10. Before you can get a discharge you have to take a second consumer credit counseling class. When you do, we file the certificate with the court so you can get a discharge.
  11. Once the 60 day period for objections has passed, you will receive a discharge.
  12. About 30-60 days after your discharge, the trustee will close the case and your bankruptcy is over.

As you can see, from filing to discharge the time is about four months.

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